Normandy: Activation Phase and performing actions

To get the gist of the activation of units and it´s order, let´s briefly review the previous two phases, Command and Initiative, which precede the Activation phase in the game sequence.

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Normandy: Morale (in english)

A soldier, in the clamor of battle, is not that perfect slaughter machine with a total lack of feeling that we often see on movies and videogames.

They are human beings that rely on their mental strength and on their unit´s cohesion to commit dangerous tasks, overcoming their fears in a hostile environment such as a battlefield.

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Normandy: Getting to know the Protagonits (in english)

We have decided to start a series of articles in which we will delve into some of the units that take part in Normandy, The Beginning of the End, as well as to describe aspects of the game that you will find in this new installment of the War Storm Series.

The War Storm Series titles recreate combat situations at the tactical level, emphasizing the role of the officers in the battlefield and how their leadership have a real impact in the units´ morale, another key aspect implemented in the game.

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