2GM Tactics Wargame – Core game 2GM Tactics Wargame – Core game
2GM Tactics Wargame – Core game

“2GM Tactics Wargame is a complete war game of strategic character set in World War II in which we will deploy different types of units on the battlefield that will be represented by cards and their equipment using chips. The use of the land, the resources and the different letters of support in our favor will be vital to achieve victory”


2GM Tactics Wargame is a tabletop game that lets you recreate battles between the US – Allied nation – and Germany – Axis nation – during the late years of the WW2.

Players will create and customize their own decks in advance in order to complete the military feats assigned.

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A total of 220 cards, divided in three different decks:

  • The US army
  • The German army
  • Terrain cards

Army decks are comprised of Unit cards (Infantry, Artillery, Armor, Transports and Aircraft) and Support cards. Additionally, you’ll also find General cards, Scenario cards and Player Aid and Game Summary cards

The US army contains a total of 96 cards: 57 of them depicting 18 different types of unit cards and 39 support cards.

The German deck includes 96 cards: 56 unit cards of 17 different types and 40 support cards.

Support cards complement each army deck and provide special, one-time abilities and perks to our units during a battle. Use Support cards to hamper the enemy and their strategy.

Terrain cards are double-sided cards that are placed in the battlefield and provide extra cover to our units.

The rest of the components included in the box are:

  • 16 double-sided tiles to build up the battlefield with open field and natural features: forests, bushes, mountains, lakes, rivers and sea.
  • 2 ten-sided dice and over 100 tokens including markers and extra equipment.
  • Rules: a 60-page manual containing 20 pages of detailed rules and 37 scenarios, both historical and special. 4 full campaigns are included: Operation Overlord, Operation Cobra, Operation Market-Garden and Battle of the Bulge.
  • Solo Rules: 12 pages providing details for all the available game modes.
  • 4x Player Aid cards.

Recommended age:
12 years and up

1 to 4

30 to 120 minutes

Rulebook with 4 complete campaigns and more than 30 scenarios, manual for 12-page solitaire games, 2 10-sided dice, 16 tiles to customize your board, more than 100 tiles and 220 units and support cards.

Draco Ideas & Proyecto Enigma
Ilustrator: Ramsés Bosque
Graphic Designer  Matías Cazorla

Expansions for 2GM TWG

“North Africa” expansions: ‘2GM TWG: United Kingdom’ and ‘2GM TWG: Italy’: expanding the game with an Allied and an Axis faction, set in the North African Campaign.

“Eastern Front” expansions: ‘2GM TWG: Soviet Union’ and ‘2GM TWG: German Reinforcements Expansion’: expanding the game with a new Allied nation and an expansion of the base game for Germany, set in the Eastern Front.

56x87mm USA format.