Tetrarchia: final printing color proof


We want to share with you some pictures of the color proofs, components and the final box that arrived to us in April. We have approved the samples and manufacturing is still in progress.

We are very happy with the result. The work of our designer, Matias Cazorla, is fantastic and everything we have received from the factory meets our expectations. If all goes well, we will receive the sets and mats this summer, and in early September we will be able to start shipping.

There are still a few backers left to complete the Pledge Manager. If you are one of them, please log in with the invitation you received from the Kick and Go platform to fill in the shipping details and add additional copies and/or other games from the publisher at a special price.

We will let you know a few weeks before we start shipping so that we can verify your shipping address.

We would like to take this opportunity to send you a link to our Late Pledges Page.

We will keep you posted!

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Mercenaries in the ONUS! Traianus game

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Sarmatian in Traianus

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Dacian Kingdom in TRAIANUS

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Roman Empire in TRAIANUS

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