Frontier Wars Frontier Wars
Frontier Wars

“As the engines roar, the pilots get ready to board their planes. Row after row of armored vehicles begin their slow advance with a deafening rumble. Are you ready to lead this Frontier War?”

Frontier Wars”:  You are the commanding General of a nation’s armed forces during the Second World War.

United States, Great Britain or the USSR to battle Nazi Germany in Europe.  The forces will be represented by the miniatures included with this game.  The  100 miniatures are detailed in plastic to represent infantry, armor and air support units.

This game offers an experience that is similar to a computer real-time strategy  (RTS games), that allows you to conquer new territories, build new facilities that will allow you to recruit new troops and build armies, and manage your cards (resources) to achieve victory.

Each scenario you play (or design) has multiple ways achieve victory: 

  • Victory Points:  Accumulating 10 VPs.
  • Arms Race: Building 15 research points.
  • Annihilation: Capturing or destroying all of your enemy’s HQ units.
  • Victory:   As otherwise outlined in the scenario instructions.


  • Infantry:   Represents the majority of your forces.  In addition to combat they are used to build Encampments and Factories.  They are also used to operate the factories that can generate for reinforcements.
  • Armor:  This is the heavy duty combat units that lead the way in offensives and hold the key points of defensive lines. Their firepower and mobility will be crucial  in every battle.
  • Artillery: Artillery units have two main functions:  (Anti-aircraft) prevents air units from flying over tiles with artillery and, additionally, in ground combat artillery is the queen of battle paving the way for offensives and battering the attacking enemy units at a distance.
  • Planes: Aircraft can be used in close air support roles to assist your ground units with attack or defensive operations and in certain cases can transport paratroopers and light artillery to make surprise attacks or to carry units to conquer vulnerable points of the map.

You may also acquire the Expansion and choose from two new very different factions: Japan and France, with 50 new miniatures, and the possibility to play with 5 or 6 players. This expansion also includes a new type of tile, double tiles. And it will also include new additional scenarios.

Recommended age:
12 years and up

1 to 4

30-120 minutes

100 cards, 100 miniatures, 30 double-sided tiles, 4 army boards, 3 game boards, 100+ tokens, rules and scenarios book.

50 miniatures, 3 double-sided tiles, 2 army boards, 40+ tokens and rulebook.


Manuel Burrueco
Graphic design: Matías Cazorla, Jaime González, Javier Castro.
Miniatures: 3D Breed