Fight for victory with your army in this strategy game, which includes 100 miniatures. Lead one of the factions from WWII.


Game 100% funded and first goal achieved. You will receive your copy of “Frontier Wars” at home with all the SGs unlocked during the campaign. Let’s get some more!

Faction sheets improved! With the increase in production volume, we can also increase the size of the army boards up to 250x100mm, both for the core game and the expansion.

Three new scenarios added to the booklet, inspired by military Operations:Operation Grenade, where the Allies tried to cross the Ruhr River, as well as Operations Also and Fall Blau, where the Wehrmacht tried to acquire the Caucasus’ natural resources.

Special Weather rules. 6 Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE Weather cards (double effect). We will add new rules to the game, as well as 6 Kickstarter exclusive cards that will allow you to add weather conditions to your games, if you want.

Frontier Wars goes coop! Rules for 2vs2 games, and 3vs3 if you also own the expansion. We will add a new 2vs2 scenario to the base game, as well as a new tile with special rules for this type of games.

The game cards will be upgraded to 320gsm paper, sturdier and with an improved finish.

The Allied forces resisted for 240 days in Tobruk while under siege from Axis forces, during World War II. A new scenario inspired in this historical event will be added, as well as the Port and Fleet tiles and special rules to use them.

5 new cards added to the game: you will now have a Zeppelin Wall tactical card that will prevent air units from flying over your territories (2 copies). The Wire fences will be a new defense card that will reduce the initiative of attacking infantry units, thus improving your defense (2 copies). Revolts are added to the attack cards, allowing you to swap one enemy unit with one of your own, trumping your opponent’s strategy before you even start the battle!

We will upgrade the tiles’ cardboard thickness to 1’7mm, with a high quality finish, as well as their size to a diameter of 115mm!

Scenery tokens arrive at Frontier Wars. Aside from the terrain tiles, we will add the bridges and river tokens (10 tokens in total). A new scenario using them will also be added.

Backer exclusive! 5 more weather cards for the deck.

Special scenario: Brest Fortress defense. 2vs1 scenery. After the Allies disembarked in Normandy, the facilities of Brest’s port were essential to them for receiving the supplies that would keep the army moving. New scenario added, inspired in this famous battle. Would you like to challenge two friends to face you at the same time? new 2vs1 scenario included.

SOLO MODE: exclusive Solo Mode to play “Frontier Wars”.

DEFCON: Advanced rules included to increase the difficulty and tactical level of the game. 4 new difficulty levels added.

We are adding 24 decoy tokens (4 per player) as an upgrade for the fog of war SG, so that the players can perform simulated attacks and defenses, aside from reinforcing their Headquarters with two tokens, one of them a decoy.

3 new scenarios: Three new scenarios for 2, 3 and 4 player games will be added to the game’s scenario booklet.

FREE Random Scenario Generator (WIP). To thank all of our backers for your support we want to give you this random scenario generator: Are the scenarios in the rulebook not enough for you? We are including a random scenario generator to add infinite replayability to your copies of Frontier Wars.

Two new special tiles to add variety to the game: Swamp and Desert.

Backer exclusive! 5 new weather cards added, with new climate conditions for your games.

Special scenario: Leningrad’s siege + new city river tile. German Field Marshall von Leeb faced a fierce resistance during the siege of Leningrad, currently Saint Petersburg. New scenario inspired in this battle added to the game, as well as a new special tile with a city divided in two by a river.

Trenches: 12 additional tokens and special rules (WIP).12 new trenches tokens added and a new game mechanic to use them in your games.


Facebook: if this entry is shared 400 times on Facebook, and FrontierWars reaches 560 “likes”, we will add 24 tokens (4 per player) with the units (tanks, infantry, etc.), to prevent your opponent from knowing which troops you are placing on the board when reinforcing. (limited fog of war).

Facebook Survey: 4 new cards added to the game!Tell us your favorite game mode to play “Frontier Wars”! 100 votes and 50 shares to unlock this SG, adding up the results from the polls in both languages.

Special gift: a “Battle” card exclusively for our Kickstarter backers and a “Victory” card.

BGG: if we reach 300 fans on BoardGameGeek, we will give you these 3 exclusive boxes, measuring 70x30x110mm each, for safekeeping of your resource cards.