Frontier Wars Frontier Wars
Frontier Wars

As the engines roar, the pilots get ready to board their planes. Row after row of armored vehicles begin their slow advance with a deafening rumble. Are you ready to lead this Frontier War?

“Frontier Wars” puts you in charge of one of the WWII factions: United States, Great Britain, Germany or the USSR, represented by 100 miniatures (included in the box).

Offering an experience similar to computer real-time strategy RTS games, you must conquer new territories through battle, build new constructions that allow you to recruit new troops and build armies, and manage your cards (resources) to achieve victory.

Unless stated otherwise, any scenario you play (or design) has 3 ways to win the game: 

  • Victory Points: reaching 10 VPs.
  • Arms Race: gathering 15 research points.
  • Annihilation: capturing or destroying every enemy’s HQ.


  • Infantry: the main unit in your army. They are used to build Encampments and Factories and to operate them for reinforcements.
  • Tanks: they are the heavy hitters in your army. Their firepower and mobility will be key in every battle.
  • Artillery: it has two main functions: it prevents air units from flying over tiles with artillery and, additionally, it is the best defensive unit in your army.
  • Planes: they can join the battles, and also allow you to easily transport units on the board (artillery & infantry), to make surprise attacks or to carry units to conquer vulnerable points of the map.


  • Headquarters: it’s garrisoned, so it can defend itself in battle as another unit. It can also recruit a new unit of any type each round.
  • Factory: allows recruitment of tanks, planes and artillery.
  • Encampment: allows recruitment of infantry.


There are three types of cards in “Frontier Wars”, which represent the resources and special actions of your faction. These cards will be used at different points of the game: attack, defense and tactics.

Aside from giving instant benefits when you play them, you may also keep them for research to win the Arms Race.


Battles are solved by using a very easy and intuitive initiative system, providing very visual and fast battle resolution. But beware, playing cards may change the results!


The board is modular, built with tiles, which allows for almost endless replayability. You may design your own maps or use the preset scenarios included with the game.


Recommended age:
12 years and up

2 to 4

30 to 120 minutes