Germanic units on Kickstarter countdown for ONUS! Traianus Germanic units on Kickstarter countdown for ONUS! Traianus

The launch date on Kickstarter of the crowdfunding campaign for ONUS! Traianus is getting closer: it will be March 15th.

Meanwhile, we continue to show the units, in this case of the Germans in our countdown, led by Masios.

Leave the land of our ancestors, Roman, or face Masios and fear his wrath!

You have made an oath to me and I make a vow to our people. Those Romans, they will leave Germania today!

Night is our shield and speed is our weapon. Let the Romans bleed to death in their armour while we search for a new prey.

Let’s show the Romans what a framea can do so that they will continue to fear it.

Wait until they are close to throw the javelin. You will see that they don’t come any closer after trying them.

Caninefates, let’s spear a few Romans and return to our camp early to celebrate victory

See you soon!

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