In this post we will focus on the components of 2GM Pacific... More about components in 2GM Pacific

In this post we will focus on the components of 2GM Pacific.

GAME BOARD: many 2GM players asked us for a one-piece game board, so we have finally decided to include it in this edition of the game. It will be a high-quality foldable board (76 cm x 54 cm) with bigger spaces so two overlapped cards can easily fit.

TOKENS: all the tokens of the game have been redesigned and adapted to the new art of the game.

RULEBOOKS: all the rulebooks of the game have been revised, rewritten and restructured.

  • Game Rulebook: the rules of the game have not changed compared to previous editions. However, in order to make it easier to understand and read, we have reorganized the contents and added more examples. The layout is currently a work in progress (in both English and Spanish) and will be available for download on the KS project page.
  • Advanced Rulebook: an addition to the basic rulebook that includes other game modes and where complex rules are explained in detail. Contents:
      • Solo Rules: completely different to the previous solo mode. The entire solo mode has been rewritten with the help of José Manuel Moreno Ramos (España20). Now the AI is more automated, with extra tables that have been simplified to make the decision-making process of the AI faster and easier according to its attitude. There is no attitude roll. Instead, attitude is determined with modifiers based on the current battlefield layout, reacting realistically to the circumstances of each turn. The Movement Phase will follow Deployment bases on priority rules. The Card and Discard Phases are also different: the AI replenishes their hand and has more cards available to choose from each turn. These cards are played according to priority during the Deployment Phase.
      • 3 and 4 player rules: the game contains enough cards to add two more players with their own army decks. The specific rules for 3-4 player games are explained in the 3-4 Player Mode section of the book.
      • Transport and Air Combat rules: detailed explanations and examples have been included considering all game combinations.
      • Advanced Rules: many of these rules have been developed following the advice of the 2GM player community. These are optional rules aimed at replayability and a more varied game experience. For example: initial deployment before combat, units with extra rolls due to extra armor (making armored units harder to destroy), damage tables instead of die rolls to reduce randomness, general officers from the beginning of a pitched battle, special rules for self-propelled artillery, requesting long-range artillery fire…
      • Besides all the explanations and examples of tokens and special abilities, there are also pre-constructed deck, night combat rules, adverse weather effects…
  • Campaign Book: including 15 scenarios divided into 5 campaigns that cover the Pacific War, from the first Japanese invasions after the attack on Pearl Harbor to the encounters against American force in all the islands on their way to Japan. We look forward to unlocking many more scenarios during our crowdfunding campaign.

We hope you are as excited as we are about all these new contents. In a few days we will release another post with exclusive content for backers.

See you at the front!

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