With the release of Traianus we have revised the ONUS! system’s Order and Event cards. They are now called “Action cards”, with an order...

With the release of Traianus we have revised the ONUS! system’s Order and Event cards. They are now called “Action cards”, with an order section and an event section.

You can download the full list at this link.

The following is a list of the orders and events of the cards:


  • Regroup
    A fleeing unit stops its flight. Reorient it and remove the Fleeing and Broken markers.
  • Organize Units
    Activate all Broken or Fleeing units to check with +1. If they succeed, remove the Broken and/or Fleeing markers.
  • Field Medics
    The unit heals 1. It cannot be engaged in combat.
  • Reinforce a Unit
    The unit heals 2. If it’s engaged in combat, it only heals 1.
  • Organized Withdrawal
    You can activate as many units as your General’s Leadership value. Those units can only move backwards.
  • Skirmish: Activate 1 unit
    You can activate 1 unit.
  • Probe: Activate 2 units.
    You can activate 2 units.
  • Cavalry Advance
    You can activate all Mounted units (elephants, cavalry, etc.)
  • Aim, Release…
    You can activate all ranged units (except Javelin throwers).
  • Mobilization
    You can activate as many units as your General’s Leadership value. If you don’t have a General or they are Fleeing, activate 3 units.
  • General Mobilization
    You can activate half of your units, rounding down.
  • Full Mobilization
    You can activate all your units.
  • Recover Officers
    A units recovers its officers. Remove the No Officer marker.
  • Forced March
    Combine this order with an activation order. The activated units can move +1 and may even charge.
  • Stampede
    A unit attempts to scare all animals within 4 DU, which must make a Morale Check with -2 or Flee. Friendly units are also affected.
  • Officer’s Call
    At the end of your turn, draw as many cards as you need to equal your General’s Leadership value.
  • Scouts
    You can steal one random card from your enemy. You may play it this turn if you want.
  • Transfer of the General
    You may transfer your General from their current unit to another unit within 2 DU. You may activate both units.
  • Senior General
    A General’s Leadership increases 1 point (non-cumulative) for the rest of the battle.
  • Good Omens
    All your units have +1 this turn for any check.
  • Bad Omens
    All enemy units have -1 this turn for any check.
  • By the Gods!
    You can activate all your units. In addition, they all get +1 this turn.
  • General’s Orders!
    You can activate all units within your General’s Area of Influence.
  • Special Mobilization
    Activate 1 unit which can move double, but it CANNOT charge and does NOT get a Marching marker.
  • Join Units
    Activate 2 units up to 1 DU away: the unit with a lower point value is eliminated and the other heals up to 2.


  • Battle Roar
    The enemy makes a Morale check with -1 after combat (even if not wounded).
  • Combined Attack
    If another of your units makes contact with the enemy, you can add both attack values.
    The defender decides who to attack. Your second unit cannot participate in another combat that same turn.
  • Request Support
    Both attacker and defender receive unexpected help in combat. In this combat both sides add 2 dice to Hit.
  • Resist!!
    Organized and motivated defense, get +1/+1 and +2 this turn in melee combat.
  • Hold!!
    If the unit is Fleeing, you can choose between that or to hold position with 1 extra [WOUND].
  • Strong Defense
    The defender surprises the attacker with the strength of the defense in their ranks. There is no combat this turn.
  • Bloodbath
    Both sides get +1/+1 in melee combat.
  • Furious Attack
    The unit gets +2/+3, but -1/-1.
  • In-depth Attack
    If the defender Flees or is destroyed, the attacking unit can move again half of its movement value and even charge.
  • Ambush
    If two units are in contact with a defender, the defender receives 1 and is Broken, before combat.
  • Unit Heroes
    The winning unit in a combat gets a Hero marker, +1/+1 and +1. If there is a tie, it has no effect.
  • Take Cover!
    Before receiving a ranged attack, the soldiers take cover and get +2/+2 against that ranged attack.
  • Wind changes
    The ranged attacks fails and is deflected to the attacker’s friendly unit of the defender’s choice, within 1 DU of the target (if any and within range).
  • Throw Javelins!
    Before a charge, whoever plays this card can throw Javelins at short range (4 dice).
  • Veterans and Elites
    After a combat victory, permanently promote a standard unit to Veteran, or a Veteran unit to Elite, and indicate it with a marker.
  • Officer Casualties
    Only applies if at least 1 wound has been inflicted, place a No Officer marker on the unit.
  • Harangue
    Troops receive the officer’s harangue (there must be an officer), +2/+2 and +1/+1 in this combat.
  • No Quarter
    Double round of combat for both attacker and defender. Make Morale Checks each round. No new events are played.
  • Reroll
    Allows you to reroll a Hit or Damage roll after seeing the result. Use the result of the second roll.
  • Break the Line
    The loser of the combat makes a Morale Check with -2.
  • Ranged Support
    If the attacker and defender have a friendly unit that can fire at their opponent, it will shoot even if it is in combat. Resolve those ranged attacks first, with no additional events.
  • Accurate Shots
    If there is a ranged attack, the minimum number of casualties caused will be 2, regardless of the dice rolls. The event “Impossible Shots” cancels this.
  • Poor Visibility
    Sand, wind, fog, or sun make it difficult to see in combat, -2 for attacker and defender.
  • Quick Reload
    Double ranged attack with Morale Checks after each of the 2 rounds, if there are casualties. No additional events are played for the 2nd round.
  • Fierce Charge
    When you charge, you do so with great speed and aggressiveness. Get +1/+2.
  • Impossible Shots
    Ranged attacks have no effect.
  • Pikes vs. Mounts
    The defender receives with pikes the charge of a Mounted unit. Casualties are simultaneous and the defender gets +1/+1 and +1/+1
  • Traps in the Field
    In the face of a charge, the defender receives the enemy with traps. +1/+1 and +2/+2.
  • Wounded General
    If the unit the General is in receives at least 1, the General is wounded (flip the General marker) and their Leadership is reduced by 1.
  • Heavy Casualties
    Whoever plays this event does double damage.
  • Luck
    Roll twice as many dice to Hit and choose half of them.
  • Counterattack
    The defender fights with 2 extra dice.
  • Retreat!!
    The defender can avoid combat this turn if they add 1 to their unit.
  • Testudo
    Activate Wall of Shields (if you have the ability) to receive half damage, rounding down.
  • Break the Wall [of Shields]
    In this combat, if you inflict at least 1 wound, the enemy unit will be Broken before the Morale Check.
  • Unstable Ground
    Both units in a combat are Broken after the Morale Check. If they already were, it has no effect.
  • Downwind
    A ranged unit adds 1 die when shooting.