On this page you will find aids and downloadable content for the ONUS! games ONUS! Games downloads

On this page you will find aids and downloadable content for the ONUS! games.


You can download the final rulebooks here.

The Solo mode rulebook and Terrain & Fortresses revised rulebook are there too!

Pinter Friendly Play Aids A4, by  Starman54 on BGG

Onus Manager

A powerful tool to build your army. Google Chrome is recommended.


Units info

List of the units in ONUS! Traianus and ONUS! Pack


  • A list with all the units of ONUS! Pack and Traianus, their cost in points, statistics and number of units included. This allows you to easily build an army by points, and even includes a page to print them.
  • The title of each tab indicates the language.

Campaign Log Sheet (EN)

  • The scenario log sheet for the campaigns of previous titles, now included in the ONUS! Pack campaign book.

Traianus-Units-Scenarios (EN)

  • An aid to build your army and an example of initial setup for each side in every scenario of the 4 campaigns included in the Campaign Book.

The information shown in these documents may vary and is subject to final changes, but it is rather complete and we are sure you will enjoy it!

Order & Events deck

A complete list of all the orders and events of the action cards.


Download the ONUS! avatars to use them in your social network profiles, messaging and forums. Which one will you choose? 

Other downloads:


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