ONUS! Greek & Persians Expansion ONUS! Greek & Persians Expansion
ONUS! Greek & Persians Expansion

“With this expansion for ONUS, you will be able to set your battles of the Medical Wars (499-449 a.C.) of Greeks vs Persians, like the Battle of Marathon or the epic Battle of Thermopylae of the Spartans against the huge Persian army of King Xerxes”


With this new expansion you will be able to play battles freely choosing the value of your army and also historical battles set in the Persian Wars (499 – 449 BC), in the Persians vs Greek wars and in the Peloponnesus War (1st Period: 431 – 421 BC) between Athens and Sparta.

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You will have 90 units cards of 24 different types of troops from Athens, Sparta, Persia and other Greek polis or mercenaries.

  • Persia: Guard Melophores, Sparabara Archers, Takabara Mercenaries, Archers with shields, Hoceros, Usubari Dromedaries, Asabari Cavalry, Pasti Infantry and Persian Cars.
  • Sparta: Hippeis Cavalry, Spartan Hoplites, Hilotas infantes, Hilotas slingers and Spartan Cavalry.
  • Athens: Hoplites, Auxiliary Hoplites, Scythian Archers, Athenian Cavalry and Peltastas.
  • Mercenary or Allied Greeks: Peripolis, Toxote Archers, Toracites, Sacred Battalion of Thebes and Boeotian Hoplites.

In addition to having Generals like Themistocles (Athens), Leonidas (Sparta), Lisandro (Sparta), King Xerxes (Persia), Mardonius (Persia), or Demosthenes (Athens).

You will also find specific tabs to expand the current ones with special abilities and the new Generals.


It`s necessary to have the core game “ONUS! Rome vs Carthage”.
“ONUS! Greek and Persian” is an expansion that requires the core game to be able to play with it.

1 rulebook, 95 unit cards, 9 general cards, 8 general cards and 4 blue cards.


Álvar Sanz & Luis Álvaro Hernández
Ilustrator: Ramsés Bosque
Graphic Designer: Matías Cazorla

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