With the Ides of March ONUS returns !! and does so at the moment of maximum splendor of the Empire. You can lead new... ONUS! returns! Defend or attack the Roman Empire with TRAIANUS

Greetings, Warriors!

Onus! brought the epic battles of the Punic Wars to your tabletop. The series expands with a new standalone installment and 6 factions to take you back to the greatest splendour of the Empire, the 1st and 2nd centuries AD and the battles that made Trajan legendary.

We have reviewed the rulebook, added feedback from the community, adapted the units to the historical period and developed new scenarios and campaigns.

  • The Roman legions, unbeatable and their indispensable auxiliaries.
  • Celts with chariots, Pictish warriors and agile Briton horsemen.
  • Dacians from north of the Danube who invoke Zalmoxis as they rush into battle with their fearsome falxdacica.
  • The Germans, constant threat to the empire, hunters, mounted pikemencaninefates, harassers with framea and brutal sworn nobles.
  • Parthians, lords of the East and their countless hordes, with iron-armored cataphracts, elephants, and archers
  • Sarmatians and Bastarnae, masters of the steppes, with their brave nobles, cataphracts, mounted archers and horsemen armed with the contussarmaticus.

Onus! Traianus also includes mercenaries: Nabataeans, Jewish rebels, Berserkir, Palmyrene, Batavi warriors, Gaesatai, and many more, which will support the side that pays them the most.

We have also redesigned Onus! to include all its expansions in a single box, with the new edition of the rulebook and solitaire mode.

Coming soon on Kickstarter, with the Ides of March, sign up here to receive the notification.

See you soon!

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