Draco’s 300

“Draco´s 300” is a preorder system by which, if the minimum quantity required for the production of a board game (normally 300 reserves) is reached, we can produce it. During the reservation process the customer is asked for a name, a phone number and the credit card to reserve the game. However, the credit card is not charged until the game goes into production.

This page will be updated with new titles, both from Spanish authors and from foreign games in order to buy the license and manufacture them in Spanish.

Thanks to the support of simulation and wargame fans!

Go for the Draco’300!

Approximate shipping costs:  Canada/USA (10€), Europe (8€), Spain (0€), Rest of World (12€).


SCOPE U-boot

+ sleeves (english & spanish)

12€ (15€)

(Reservas: 297)



ONUS! Traianus & Pack


>49€ (>60€)

(Reservas: 2131)





59€ (90€)

(Reservas: 372)


Goal achieved!

We start the second wave of the Draco 300 with a new addition: the expansion of the famous game Skull Tales: Full Sail! from our publishing friend, Eclipse Editorial, has reached the minimum funding, so we will manufacture it, both in English and Spanish. We will inform on this page of the development status of the game. You can still reserve it.
Estimated weight: <350gr.

Approximate shipping costs:  Canada/USA (10€), Europe (8€), Spain (4€), Rest of World (12€)


Tetrarchia 2nd Ed.

(in english)

20€ (30€)

(Preorders: 391 of 300)


render caja 2

1212: Las Navas de Tolosa

(english & spanish)

19€ (25€)

(Reservas: 408)


Expansión Tortuga Skull Tales

Tortuga (Skull Tales expansion)

(in english)

15€ (20€)

(Preorders: 765 of 300)


Goal achieved from the 1st Wave!

The game Scope Stalingrad has reached the goal of 300 preorders. We hope to have it manufactured by December 2020.

If you haven’t preorder it, you can still do it!


SCOPE Stalingrad
(in english and spanish)

More info

12€ (15€)

(Reserves: 332 from 300)