All the components are finished and we are organising the collection of the pallets for the month of July. The invasion of TETRARCHIA is coming…


We continue sharing the information coming from the printer; the last component is already manufactured: the customized dice.

The only thing left is the handling of the different components of the game to complete the box, palletize and finish organizing the pick up. We hope to do it by mid-July.

Our expectation is that we can have the game and the mats in our warehouse by mid/late August and in September we will finish the shipments to the backers, at the latest.

We share with you a link to the PDF manual.

You can also find games, images and much more at BoardGameGeek.

We take this opportunity to introduce you to this game from our sister publisher, Eclipse Editorial: NEXUM Galaxy which is now on Kickstarter.

It is a space 4X in which we have to lead our Civilization to dominate the Galaxy.

The 29€ of the base game and its reduced shipping cost will make you not want to miss it!

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