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New edition! FIGHT IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR! And become the best general. Strategically deploy your troops and use the terrain and resources in your favor to achieve final victory.

2GM Tactics is a complete strategy card game, wargame or war game, in which the cards represent units and in which we put ourselves in command of our army.
Build your own deck to achieve your assigned objectives. Equip your troops for battle. Deploy Tanks, Artillery and Transport. Request air support. Confuse your enemy. Lead great Generals of History, Patton, Rommel, Bradley or Von Rundest to victory, take buildings, destroy your enemy, and conquer the battlefield.

Assault enemy positions, immobilize your enemy with containment fire, advance to cover behind your armor.
Play historical scenarios, land in Normandy, defend Montecassino, barricade yourself in the Ardennes.

2GM Tactics is a board game that allows you to recreate WWII battles between the American and German nations.

At the beginning of the game each side will choose an army. It is played in alternate turns following a certain sequence until one of the sides achieves the marked objectives.

Includes: 60-page manual with 4 full campaigns and more than 30 scenarios, 12-page solitaire game manual, 2 10-sided dice, 16 tiles to customize your board, more than 100 tiles, 220 unit cards and support.
Dimensions: 28x19x6.5cm
Number of players: 1-4
Duration: >30
Minimum age: 12
Language: English
Author: Draco Ideas and Enigma Project

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