UK Expansion – 2GM TWG



Fight in World War II!
Expand your gaming experience with every 2GM TWG expansion.
Each box includes a nation that participated in World War II with new unit, support, general, and terrain cards.
More armies join the combat by adding variety and new capabilities to the base game.
Players will also find in these expansions Reinforcement boxes from a nation already participating in the war that will add a higher level of customization to the deck.
A copy of the 2GM TWG game is required to play the expansions.

-1 Rule Supplement.
-120 new Cards.
-6 new Game Pieces.
-1 Staff.
-1 Ten-sided die.
Manufacturer: DRACO IDEAS
Number of players: 1-4
Duration: 30-45
Minimum age: 12
Language: English

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