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To be able to play with this expansion it is necessary to have the game ONUS! Rome vs. Carthage, since only unit cards, new Generals, and additional counters are included. All the rules of the base game apply to play this expansion.
With it you can set battles of the Medical Wars (499-449 BC) of the Greeks against the Persians, such as the Battle of Marathon or the epic Battle of the Thermopylae of the Spartans against the huge Persian army of King Xerxes.
You can also play battles of different conflicts between Greek Polis such as the Peloponnese Wars (431-404 BC) between Athenians and Spartans with the participation of Mercenaries and Allies.
We can also play hypothetical battles between these factions and Romans and Carthaginians, or even Ancient Iberians, or an Alliance of Greeks invading the Persians in the style of Alexander the Great…

The “ONUS! Greeks and Persians” contains: This expansion manual.
– 9 General Cards:
o Sparta: Leonidas, Lysander and Agesilao II.
o Athens: Themistocles and Demosthenes.
o Persians: Xerxes, Mardonius, Darius III.
o Greek Mercenaries: Epaminondas of Thebes.
– 8 Generals counters: 2 from Sparta, 2 from Athens, 2 from Persia and 2 from Greek Mercenaries.
– 4 blue Romboidal formation counters.
– 4 blue Bravura skill counters.
– 95 unit cards: 38 Persians, 17 Spartans, 18 Athenians, and 22 Greek mercenaries.

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