Pack Sector 6: Game, Playmat and Limited Box Edition


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With this pack, in addition to the Sector 6 game, you acquire a hexagonal box and a mat on which you can play.

The box is hexagonal, very original and of very good quality and thickness, to keep things from Sector 6 or other games.

The mat is 70x70mm (27.5×27.5in) and allows you to play over it. They are not necessary to play, but you will be able to use them for SECTOR 6 or for another game because they are very practical.

The mat does not wrinkle, is washable, made with a material of polyester and spandex of approximately 1mm thick and 275gr/m2. It is similar to neoprene and will be printed in high quality.



Newly arrived prisoners must run through the convoluted labyrinth of galleries in Sector 6 of the prison. This is where the ship’s oxygen distribution is located and they must be the fastest to collect as much as possible if they want to live tomorrow. Only the smartest players will make the mechanical labyrinth move to their benefit to get as much oxygen as possible.
Sector 6 is a game for all audiences in which, in order to win, you must move intelligently through the corridors of a labyrinth of tiles. They are 45-minute games and their easy explanation makes Sector 6 an attractive game for almost any audience. In addition, its strategic depth means that the most experienced players are not indifferent.
Although the game is focused on creating high strategic load clashes, the different variants and difficulty settings also make it a familiar product that will entertain players from 8 years old.
Sector 6 contains labyrinth building tiles, dot markers, 8 high-quality miniatures and a handy full-color manual with labyrinths and various game modes and difficulties.
Will you breathe tomorrow?

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