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BLACK SWAN is a historical game (with over 200 combat units) covering World War II in Europe and North Africa from 1939 to 1945.


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Number of players: 1-5

Time of playing: 100-1000 mins.

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Black Swan Europe 1939-1945

Black Swan is a block game with over 200 combat units. A game turn is three months (a season) and there are several three-season Scenarios and two Campaigns (1939 and 1941).

As in all other block games, both the Fog of War and Unit strength reduction/increase by rotation, drive the gameplay in BLACK SWAN, as a player cannot know the identity or the strength of an enemy block until it is revealed in combat.

BLACK SWAN is a historical game with some fixed starting points, but the outcome is completely unpredictable and, despite the historical result, the Axis Side (Germany and Italy) can defeat the Allied Side (France, Great Britain, US and the Soviet Union).

As the Axis Powers you have to swiftly win the war, either by a Mediterranean strategy to break the British Empire, or an all out effort to demolish the Red Army. If a Decisive Victory is unobtainable, you can still go for a Strategic or at least an Economic Victory.
As the Allies, you must survive the initial onslaught and prepare for a long war of attrition before dealing a deathly blow to the Reich’s body.

In BLACK SWAN you will manage Blitzing, Air Support, Special Operations, Strategic Warfare, intuitive production management, realistic supply lines, units’ specific combat abilities, Sea Control, Naval Opposition Fire and more.

Winning battles is important, either on land and at sea, but to win the war you will need to create a strong logistics basis, increase your production throughput by conquering new territories, prevent insurgencies, protect your supply lines, set your strategy in advance and carefully plan your moves.

But, to make things harder, no matter how good you are in all these aspects, sooner or later you will have to deal with something unpredictable. The player that best deals with its own Black Swan, will emerge victorious.


  • 1 Laminated map 125 x 84 cm.
  • 1 36-page rules manual.
  • 226 PVC Stickers.
  • 343 Wooden blocks (Airs & Ground units, Naval units, Sea control markers & Blitz discs, Control cubes, Opposition discs…)
  • 2 Campaigns ans 5 Scenarios.
  • Laminated Players´Aid.

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