Welcome to Tortuga, the pirate island!

In this expansion of Skull Tales: Full Sail! (Eclipse Editorial publisher) you will find new challenges for your heroes. You will walk the streets of Tortuga in search of new rumors. You will meet mysterious and extravagant characters, like the dark Papa Ghede and his black magic or Stan the charlatan merchant

Will you be able to face the challenges of the Brotherhood with new assignments for their captains, sailing the waters of the Caribbean with new dangers and new effects?

Expansión Tortuga Skull Tales

This expansion contains:

  • 40 Journey Event Cards
  • 8 Rumor Cards
  • 7 Order Cards
  • 55 Port Cards (11 for each location)

You can mix these new cards with your usual Skull Tales card decks.

In addition, it adds two new features to the Journey Event cards: “Persistent” and “Effect”, as well as optional rules for Sea Enemies in this phase.

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