Draft version of the new rulebook 2.1 for WWS WWS Rules version 2.1

News from the front!

We are very aware of the Normandy: The Beginning of the End player community, your suggestions, ideas, and feedback to develop the rules of the War Storm Series, while we are still working hard on Help Arrives!

It is for this reason that we would like to share with you a draft version of the new rulebook 2.1, where we have included some new rules and rewritten others (here in english and here in spanish, version 12/22/20).

In order to identify these changes easily we have highlighted them in a different color (purple). There might be some typos as we are still proofreading the content.

We would love to have your feedback and first impressions.

In addition, we have also included the terrain effect tables and the battle tables. You can see them here:

See you out front!

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