Line of Sight (LoS) concept is addressed, probably, in every wargame available in the market nowadays: we trace an imaginary line from the center... Normandy: Line of Sight (LoS)

Line of Sight (LoS) concept is addressed, probably, in every wargame available in the market nowadays: we trace an imaginary line from the center of a hex to the center of a target hex. Depending on the obstacles we may find in the path, a unit may or not see its target.

In War Storm Series the line of sight it´s affected by the differences in height and it´s obviously interrupted by forests, urban areas and other landmarks.


There are types of terrain that affect LoS in a different way. An abrupt hex by itself does not block the line of sight. However, if this imaginary line pass through 3 or more hexes of this type, the line of sight will be interrupted due to the number of obstacles. Therefore, we won´t be able to shoot effectively against a target (which, in most of the cases, is our ultimate goal).

In Normandy, The Beginning of the End we introduce a new type of terrain, the bocage, a typical countryside in this theater of operations.  We have decided to maintain the Norman term since it´s widely known in the wargamer´s slang.

This particular terrain does affect the LoS in a restrictive manner, but at the same time, it does open a wide range of opportunities from a tactical standpoint, just like both sides discovered during their battles.

On the other hand, Alone in the Storm implements the concept of fog of war by allowing the player to knowing the position of the AI units but without a real certainty in its type or composition.


This fog of war concept it´s represented in the game by using a set of Intelligence markers that reflect the “indicators and warnings” about enemy forces provided by the HQ who, in turn, collects all the information coming from air recce missions, on field informants, etc.

This standalone expansion defines a new type of action for our units: recce missions, that will allow us to confirm what type of units are hidden below the Intel Markers, or even, if in that position, the enemy put a decoy to divert your attention.

Both, the tension created by the bocage in Normandy, The Beginning of the End, and the uncertainty introduced by the Intelligence markers in Alone in the Storm, make War Storm Series one of the most realistic sagas in the market nowadays. In our next entry we will delve into the concept of “spotting”. A step further in the LoS feature.


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