Skull Tales: Full Sail! (English - 2nd ed. - Limited)


2nd edition, limited to 100 units! (English)
The 3rd edition will be the same as this edition but will not be manufactured until 2025.

Isla Tortuga awaits, eager to help you spend your booty. Explore islands and towns of the fantastical Caribbean, confront the fearsome redcoats and the wrath of Yemaya, and sail the seas while dodging dangers, the warm arms of Isla Tortuga, pirate haven and home of the Brotherhood of the Coast, are waiting to wrap you in their fragrant embrace.

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Skull Tales: Full Sail! It is a narrative game played in campaigns, made up of independent chapters or scenarios. Your character, who progresses through the campaigns, explores dangerous islands, mysterious temples, caves or Spanish villages in the quests that the campaigns propose.

You face enemies that you must defeat using the unique characteristics of your character and your allies. Each of the 12 characters included in the base game has different abilities: magic, firearms, explosives, sharp swords or the Captain's Daughter's monkey will turn each game into a unique adventure, giving you unforgettable experiences.

Isla Tortuga: the port phase

The progression of your character is not as easy as "buying" skills from a list, depending on the experience points gained. These new skills must be obtained on Isla Tortuga, whose locations are alive and whose characters are alive too!

In the time available on Isla Tortuga, as the ship awaits us to return to the adventure, we will experience events and find fame and fortune, as well as the friendship or dislike of the characters who will teach us the skills we wish to learn.

We will also get equipment in the market in its central square, as long as we pay the necessary price, as well as upgrades for the ship, allies to recruit and a good hangover, if we meet an old friend in the tavern.

Sailing the Caribbean fantasy

Once the ship and crew are ready, depending on the narrative of the campaign, we will set sail in our ship (there are different models with different characteristics) and we will have to find the location where the next mission will take place.

The Caribbean Sea is populated by fantastic creatures, dangers and ships carrying juicy goods or seeking to collect the bounty they offer for you.

You will have to use the skills of your crew to get the ship over these obstacles, keep an eye on your supply of rum and provisions, suffer boardings and, if morale drops and a rival crew member stands out, may become Captain in a mutiny


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