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Greek ONUS! Macedonian, Athens and Sparta (VI, IV & III)

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Lot consisting of 3 expansions for the game ONUS! Macedonian, Athens and Sparta.

Each expansion includes new generals and units for your battles.

This pack contains

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ONUS! armies! VI: Macedonian: Adds more unit cards to those included in the ONUS games!

Generals Alexander the Great, Philip II and Philip V, 5 Pezhetairos, 2 Hetairoi, 2 Prodromoi, 3 Hypaspists, 5 Psilois, 2 Agrianians, 2 Hoplites , 1 Hoplites attendants, 1 Scythian Archers, 1 Athenian Cavalry, 2 Peltasts, 2 Thessalian Cavalry, 3 Thorakitai, 1 Hippeis Cavalry, 1 Spartan Hoplites, 2 Helots infantry, 1 Helots slingers and 1 Spartan Cavalry.

ONUS! Armies! IV Athens: Add more number of unit cards to those included in the ONUS! games.

Generals Themistocles and Demosthenes, 4 Hoplites, 4 Hoplites attendants, 3 Scythian Archers, 3 Athenian Cavalry, 4 Peltasts, 5 Peripolos, 2 Toxotes Archers, 2 Thorakitai, 2 Sacred Band of Thebes, 5 Boeotian Hoplites, 2 Cretan Archers and 2 Thessalian Cavalry.

ONUS! armies! III: Sparta: Add more unit cards to those included in the ONUS games!

Generals Leonidas, Lysander and Agesilaus II, 3 Hippeis Cavalry, 10 Spartan Hoplites, 5 Helots Infantry, 5 Helots Slingers, 4 Spartan Cavalry, 2 Peripolos, 2 Toxotes Archers,  2 Thorakitai, 2 Boeotian Hoplites, 2 Cretan Archers.

Each box is an expansion and you need the ONUS base game box! Pack u ONUS! Bring us to play.


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