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Scope Panzer advanced rules

SCOPE Panzer advanced rules

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How to play SCOPE Panzer

In this post we are going to discuss the basic mechanics of the game, which also has optional rules and variants that add more complexity and challenge.

You can download the rules here.

Build up a grid of terrain cards, depending on the type of battle you want to play.
Players take alternating turns, until one them eliminates all opposing units or cuts the enemy supply line.
On their turn, a player may:
  • Move: take a quadrant (2×2 cards) controlled by your faction, pick them up from the table and reposition them, secretly, as you wish.
  • Explore: choose a partially controlled quadrant and reveal the enemy cards. If there are no enemies, you can immediately move there but, if there are enemies, reveal them without moving.
  •  Search for target (and fire): flip over an enemy card and, if you reveal a unit, fire at it.
  • Fire!: take as many miss cards as the armor and distance to the enemy, and as many hit cards as the attacker’s firepower.
Shuffle the cards, the attacker picks a card and if it is a hit, they destroy the enemy unit.
In this way the players fight and hide throughout the game.
In our next post we will discuss the advanced rules that influence, for example, if the shot is from the rear or from the flank, the type of vehicle, if there are obstacles in the line of sight
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SCOPE Series on Gamefound

SCOPE Trilogy

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Panzer, new installment of the SCOPE series at Gamefound!

Panzer, new title for the SCOPE series, coming soon to Gamefound

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