SCOPE Series

Hide in the rubble of Stalingrad, fight a tank skirmish in the European forests or decide the future of the war by transporting precious supplies across the Atlantic.

Choose a challenge!

The SCOPE game series offers three very different titles while maintaining the series flavor and its own characteristics with different mechanics and themes.

  • Fast-paced games.
  • Small size box.
  • Advanced game modes.
  • Different scenarios and difficulty levels.
  • Easy to explain, in a few minutes you will be playing!


Scope Stalingrad is a sniper duel in the battle of Stalingrad.
You will have to hide, aim and shoot at the targets before the rival sniper locates your position.
Move your decoys wisely to spot the opposing sniper…

Be careful!
The sound of your shot shows the area where you are hiding…


Scope U-boot

Scope U-boot: Two players recreate the tension of the Battle of the Atlantic. Early in World War II, in the middle of the North Atlantic and out of range of air cover, the dreaded German U-boats stalk in wolf packs the Allied convoys carrying essential supplies for the European war effort.

One player commands the German submarines attacking a convoy of cargo and escort ships commanded by the other player.

The U-boats will try to sink the cargo ships, while theis escort destroyers try to locate and destroy the submarines.

Scope Panzer

Scope Panzer is a tank combat card game set in the European theater of WWII.

One player leads a squad of American tanks, which faces a squad of German tanks commanded by the other player in a battle of ambush tactics and close-range encounters.

New installment, new mechanics, includes advanced rules on flanking and line of sight.

SCOPE Stalingrad

SCOPE U-boot

SCOPE Panzer