November news! New games arrive and others… are on their way!

The wait is over! Our 2 latest releases have already arrived, and there are 2 more coming in a few days!

2GM Tactics has been out of print for several years and is finally back in its 3rd Deluxe edition. Mounted board, plastic insert, new box format, rulebook and revised solitaire…

Drums of War: Enclave, its magnetically locked box encloses armies of orcs and humans ready to fight for dominance of the battlefield. A game for 1 or 2 players in fast-paced, highly tactical battles.


And, sailing towards our warehouse, just a few days away, a a game is coming:


SCOPE Panzer: The third installment of the series, very different from the previous two games, takes the battle to the European forests, where German and American tanks hide and fight.

SCOPE Panzer will no longer be available for pre-order in a few days, so don’t miss the chance to get your hands on it on special terms before it hits the shops.

And we end with the ONUS! expansión, Under the Eagle which after its success on Kickstarter opens the Pledge Manager to manage your contribution. If you are not a backer, you can still become one in the Late Pledge and get the exclusive additional scenario, the bookmark and the backer’s tuckbox.

¡Hasta pronto!

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