SCOPE Panzer advanced rules Scope Panzer advanced rules
Panzer, the new installment in the SCOPE series, is about armored combat in the forests of the European Theater.
Like all the games in the series, it includes different vehicles and advanced rules for the most demanding players, let’s see some of them:
Advanced TANK rules:
Advanced tank rules emphasize historical asymmetry between factions.
  • Light Tanks: can move and fire in the same turn.
  • Medium Tanks: are balanced and have no special rules.
  • Heavy Tanks: cannot move the turn after firing.
  • Superior Armor: units with an armor value higher than the attacker’s firepower can only be attacked if they are adjacent.
  • Special Tank Rules: some units have specific advanced rules.
Advanced TERRAIN rules:
Add terrain cards that represent geographical features on the battlefield.
  • Meadow: flat, passable terrain.
  • Hill: high ground, passable terrain.
  • Lake: flat, impassable terrain.
  • Mountains: high ground, impassable terrain.
High ground cards block the line of sight of units. Passable terrain cards can be occupied by units, impassable terrain cannot. There is no concealment in a meadow. And a unit on a hill (high ground) receives combat bonuses.
Advanced FIRING rules:
Advanced firing rules add more excitement and new combat strategies.
  • Firing Correction: each consecutive shot against the same tank removes a miss (distance) card.
  • Flank Attack: remove 1 miss (armor) card when attacking from the flank.
  • Rear Attack: remove up to 2 miss (armor) cards when attacking from behind.
Example: An M4 Sherman (1) fires at a Panzer III (2). In the following turn, a Stug III (3) fires at the Sherman (1) from the flank, since the Stug III (3) is not adjacent (range 1) to the Panzer III (2).
Example: a PzV Panther (1) fires at a M1 AT Gun (2). In the following turn, an M18 Hellcat (3) fires at the Panther (1) from the rear, since the three units are on the same diagonal with the Panther (1) in the middle.
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