Panzer, new title for the SCOPE series, coming soon to Gamefound Panzer, new installment of the SCOPE series at Gamefound!

The SCOPE game series took us to Stalingrad, to the depths of the Atlantic and now moves us to the dense European forests, among whose trees German and American tanks hunt each other in this new game: Panzer.

New title in the series and new mechanics, each SCOPE game provides a different game experience, although all of them share the number of players and the playing area formed by a grid of cards.

Panzer faces Germans against Americans in a battle between armored vehicles, in tense and challenging 2-player games. With a very accessible learning curve, you’ll be playing within minutes, although its advanced rules, such as terrain obstacles, different vehicle types, lines of sight and flanking provide hundreds of hours of gameplay for the most demanding players.

SCOPE Panzer begins its crowdfunding campaign on the Gamefound platform on August 22.

If you follow the campaign now, not only will we notify you when it starts, you’ll also get premium sleeves for free!

We have also taken the opportunity to offer the 3 titles of the SCOPE series all together, at a special price for our backers.


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