SCOPE Trilogy SCOPE Series on Gamefound

The SCOPE game series is a trilogy of games with very different settings and mechanics.

  • U-boot takes you into the battle of the Atlantic, pitting Allied convoys against German U-boats.
  • Stalingrad puts us in the shoes of snipers among the ruins of the famous city.
  • The new installment, Panzer, takes the fight to the European forests, between American and German tanks.

On the 29th, the Panzer campaign will start on Gamefound, the crowdfunding platform. We have taken the opportunity to offer the 3 titles of the series, including an exclusive sleeve that groups them in a single block at a special price for backers.

If you have the previous ones, don’t miss the opportunity! Get Scope PANZER at a very special price and with premium sleeves as a gift just for following the campaign.


We’re counting on you!

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