Do you know Cato? One of the main characters of Simon Scarrow's series of novels and, of course, of the ONUS! expansion based on... Under the Eagle: Cato

From his first appearance, Cato is a captivating and endearing character who evokes sympathy and empathy in readers of Simon Scarrow’s “Eagle” saga of novels.

Unlike many other young officers, Cato does not come from an illustrious family, being a former court slave.

Through Cato’s eyes we experience the astonishing grandeur and grim realities of the Roman army.
Cato evolves over the course of the series as he faces challenges and obstacles, from the arduous conditions of the battlefield to the complex political struggles in Rome, his initial innocence transforms into wisdom, and his idealism blends with a deeper understanding of human nature.

As expected, he appears in the expansion “The Eagle of the Empire” for ONUS! as one of his characters, with the rules included in the expansion, in addition to the use of generals with the units in the games.

You have the chance to play the main scenarios of the first 3 books of the series, following the vicissitudes of the main characters in each of them.

This expansion will be available through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign starting soon.

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¡Hasta pronto!

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