We love thematic board games and historical simulation games. Draco Ideas is a Spanish publishing house born in 2014 with the aim of creating specialized board games, the board games we would like to play, with the quality and care that our customers deserve.

We are specialized in historical simulation board games and wargames. We have extensive experience in the industry and a team of professionals from various disciplines such as illustration, design and game creation, but the most important of our publishing house is not its team, are the people who enjoy our games, so much so that, over time, many have become friends.

A tour through our history…

In November 2014 we published our first board game “ONUS! Rome vs Carthage”, a simulation game of historical battles using unit cards, orders/events and counters.

In 2015 our second game hit the market, a wargame called “2GM Tactics”, a card game set in World War II, in which we use cards representing units and tokens to equip them.

In 2016 comes the Second Edition of “ONUS! Rome vs Carthage” and its two expansions “Greeks and Persians” and “Terrains and Fortresses” and the second edition of “2GM Tactics Wargame” along with four expansions grouped in the collections “Eastern Front” and “North Africa” (both base games and expansions in Spanish and English).

In 2017 we published the game “España 20” in Spanish from the Napoleonic 20 series with a very successful campaign on Verkami and we delivered “Sector 6” to the backers, a strategy and maze game that was a success on Kickstarter the previous year.

In 2018, along with Nicolás Eskubi, we took a giant step forward by publishing a game we had been working on for a long time: “Normandy: The beginning of the End” (War Storm Series).

Simultaneously, we published with Jose Manuel Ramos “Alone in the Storm”, an expansion for War Storm Series adding a solitaire mode for Normandy: The Beginning of the End and for all other previous games in the series.

In 2019 we publish together with Eclipse Editorial the wargame “Frontier Wars” which won the prototype contest in the advanced game modality at the BGC Malaga 2018. Also this year we reached an agreement with Ventonuovo Editorial to publish in Spanish “Stalingrad: Inferno  in the Volga”.

In 2020 was born “2GM Pacific” an independent multi-language game compatible with the previous editions of 2GM and “SCOPE Stalingrad” a great little strategy game with which we were able to reach all audiences.

This year we also succeed in publishing in Spanish games such as “303 Squadron” and our great initiative, Draco’s 300, was born https://dracoideas.com/editorial/en/preorders/

Draco’s 300 is a pre-order system that gives access to our upcoming titles with very special offers.

Draco Ideas in 2021 and 2022

In recent years we have made an effort to bring to the Spanish market the most relevant titles of the sector “300 Earth and Water”, “Warfighter”, “B-17 leader”, “2 minutes to midnight”, and the series of epic historical battles (1066 Tears to many mothers, 1565 St. Elmo’s pay and 1815 scum of the earth). Without neglecting our own production such as “Help Arrives!”, “1212 Las Navas de Tolosa” or “Tetrarchia” and maintaining the same spirit and love for games.

Also 2022 has been a special year for us, as we have revisited our origins with the publication of “ONUS! Traianus” and the re-release of the previous “ONUS!” material in the form of a pack, through a very successful Kickstarter funding campaign, with more than 2200 backers!