“Represent a historical scenario or create one! With this expansion you can play ONUS! With terrain elements such as forests, hills, rivers, lakes, etc. You can also build wooden or stone fortresses to play assaults with battering rams, towers siege, incendiary projectiles and much more”

Onus caja-terrenos-fortalezas

You can play your games to ONUS! using elements of scenery and fortresses to be able to recreate them more completely and with greater options. In addition, the Campaign Book is available for sale, which will allow you to link historical scenarios or battles with each other, so that you can recreate wars of antiquity and show that you are the best General.

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With this expansion you will be able to play with scenery and its new set of rules for sieging, incendiary projectiles, and more…

  • Woods (6 tiles of 3 different models).
  • Hills (6 tiles of 3 different models).
  • River (18 tiles of 6 different models) with bends and crossings.
  • Wide wooden bridge.
  • Narrow stone bridge.
  • Wooden fortress: 7 wall tiles, 1 gate and 4 towers.
  • Stone fortress.
  • Village.
  • Lakes.
  • Watchtower.
  • Ram counters.
  • Barricades.
  • Incendiary counters.
  • Assault towers.
  • Unit counters.
  • Climbing counters.
  • Trenches.

It`s necessary to have the core game “ONUS! Rome vs Carthage”.
ONUS! Scenery & Fortresses is an expansion that requires the core game to be able to play with it.

1 rulebook, special siege tokens and elements of terrain and fortresses.


Álvar Sanz & Luis Álvaro Hernández
Ilustrator: Ramsés Bosque
Graphic Designer: Matías Cazorla

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